Tinder Offers Free Chatting with Users In Other Countries

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Tinder Offers Free Chatting with Users In Other Countries (newsweek.com)



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“[W]e’re missing out on the everyday exchanges that make us human…” argues a press release from Tinder. “And while we all know we need to stay home, the Tinder community has shown us that this doesn’t mean we have to be alone with our thoughts and a tower of Top Ramen…”

“Many of our current subscribers are even reaching out across the world, using the Passport feature, to find solidarity with matches 1000s of miles away. And that’s why starting next week we will make our Passport feature, which allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, available for free to all members through April 30th.”

Newsweek reports:

While traditionally the feature is reserved Tinder Plus and Gold members, the app acknowledges that having someone to chat with can make self-quarantining all the more bareable [sic]… In another press release, the app divulged that as areas become more isolated, new conversations spring up and tend to last longer. Tinder users are also swapping empathy for coolness, updating their bios to check ins like “how is everyone” instead of a silly catchphrase or their height.

“Our hope is that our members can use the Passport feature to transport themselves out of self-quarantine to anywhere in the world,” Tinder writes in its press release.

In other news, Tinder has also cancelled the release of its apocalyptic-themed, in-app video series, “Swipe Night.”

Alexander Graham Bell is alive and well in New York, and still waiting
for a dial tone.



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