Tinder ویژگی های تأیید عکس و ایمنی اضطراری را ارائه می دهد


Tinderrecently announced a variety of new features focused on increasing the safety of its users, including photo verification, a simple way for users to flag offensive direct messages, and its own version of a “panic-button” to use during emergencies.

In order to ensure your matches are who they say they are, Tinder is working on a self-authentication system that requires users to take a series of selfies in real time. The selfies are based on poses provided by Tinder and are then compared to the user’s profile photos using human-assisted AI technology. Those who pass the selfie test will receive a blue checkmark on their profile so others know swiping right means they will meet the person they saw online. The dating app is currently testing the photo verification system in select markets and plans to have a wider rollout throughout 2020.

Additionally, a new feature called “Does This Bother You?” uses machine learning to detect potentially offensive messages during conversations between two users in Tinder’s chat. Once the system discovers a questionable message, it releases a pop-up that allows users to either report the person or keep chatting. The system also holds senders accountable by offering them the chance to un-send messages that might be inappropriate.

Once two users agree to meet in real life, there is still plenty left that could go wrong. Through a new partnership with personal safety appNoonlight, the dating app is taking further steps to ensure face-to-face dates are always safe. The collaborative feature within the app allows users to record details of upcoming dates, including time and location. During the date, if anything goes wrong, emergency services can be activated. This feature will be available to U.S. users by the end of January and in other regions over the next few months.

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